Kyma Technologies - Power Electronics

An educational video about power electronics, and Kyma's vertical GaN approach that is changing the industry! Edited/animated with illustrations, stock photos and stock footage. Music by Curtis Armstead.


Nitride Solutions - How to Use - Covinix

A video showing how to use your Covinix!
Compiled and animated with photos and stock footage.
Music by Curtis Armstead.


Nitride Solutions - Covinix

An introduction video to Nitride Solution's Covinix wand. Compiled with animated illustrations, photographs, and stock footage.
Music by Curtis Armstead.

Kyma Technologies - UV LEDs

A promotional video for Kyma Tech's UV LEDs.

Compiled and animated with photographs and
stock footage. Music by Curtis Armstead.

Level 3 East

Filmed with an Arriflex SR-3, filmed from dawn til dusk with a haircut in between.


Kori Waldrup:  A Short Documentary

I follow Kori Waldrup as she prepares for the Art2Wear Fashion Show at North Carolina State University.



Kori Waldrup:  Process

A brief look into the work process of Kori Waldrup as she prepares for the NSCU Art 2 Wear fashion show.



Visual Music - Pinback "Good to See"

An animation to Pinback's "Good to See", created in AfterEffects.


Fox Jump Animation

A short frame by frame animation of a jumping fox integrated with live footage. Animation done in Photoshop.


Interactive World Demo

A demonstration of the interactive world project for the Porsche Exhibit at NCMA. Users could use hand gestures to move boats, make dolphins jump, and make a car move around the race track. Created with Photoshop and AfterEffects.


Dolphin Jump Animation

A quick canned animation of two jumping dolphins for the Interactive World Porsche Exhibit project. Users swipe over a part of the water with a hand gesture and the dolphins jump! Animation done in Photoshop and AfterEffects.


Wolf 3D Model

A 3D model of the NCSU wolf mascot, created in Maya and textured in Mudbox.


© 2019 Alyssa D'Avanzo